BODY BEATS TO BUILD ON is on a mission to nix the same old "he smiled," to transform the beat into phrasing the reader won’t flag as been-there-done-that. Need help revolutionizing your tired beats? Now, there’s a resource.
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2,500+ templates for constructing unique body beats.
It all starts with a gasp. Fifty-seven of them actually. In one manuscript.

You probably just gasped. Or maybe you...

-gulped air
-pulled a sharp breath through your teeth
-sucked in a lungful of wind
-took a crisply in-drawn breath

The truth is, having numerous inhales over the course of a manuscript isn’t so odd—we humans, even the fictional kind, do tend to breathe. The trouble arrives with repetition, which readers will interpret as lack of originality or, Muse forbid, laziness. And they’ll be right.

Staying inventive isn’t easy, though. Especially when it comes to those actions an author can’t avoid repeating, such as gazing, shrugging, making a fist, and the list goes on.

BODY BEATS TO BUILD ON provides the bones for fresh, vibrant content. Layer with a little imagination, mix and match, and voilà—endless, unique beats. No more pet phrases. No more wasting time in search of a different way to write "she blushed."

Just you and your manuscript climbing to the next level.

Bonus Material:
-thesaurus of 600+ adjectives used to describe gazes, smiles, and laughter
-library of 500 dialogue tags categorized for quick grab