Copyediting Services
Author & Editor
April W Gardner
History with a Christian perspective... and a little imagination.
Line and content edits. All genres of fiction, with the exception of speculative, horror, and erotica.
No proofreading available at this time.

Fees are charged by the project and are based on a $15/hour rate. A timed, 2,000-word sample edit and a perusal of the entire manuscript will determine the set fee for each project.
Half of the fee is due up front with the other half due upon completion.
Installments available upon request.

Following the sample edit, a recommended level of editing--light or heavy (descriptions below)--is given as well as the price for each.
Clients are welcome to request a lighter level of copyedit than recommended.
Each project receives two full passes.

Every copyedit covers the following:
•  Characters--development/arc, including strengths and weaknesses. For Christian fiction, this includes            spiritual arc.
•  Conflict/tension
•  Pacing
•  Passive writing
•  Plot arc
•  Point of view
•  Description (over/underuse)
•  Inconsistencies
•  Show/tell
•  Strong scene and chapter endings
•  Dialog
•  Redundancies
•  Sentence clarity/structure
•  Word choice/repetition
•  Consistency in all mechanical matters (spelling, capitalization, punctuation, abbreviations,     
          format of lists, etc.)
•  Indisputable errors in grammar, syntax, and usage.

Client may choose between the following levels of edits:

1. Light Copyedit
•  Points out paragraphs that seem egregiously wordy or confusing.
•  Asks for clarification of terms likely to be new to readers.
•  Points out factual inconsistencies and any statements that seem incorrect.
2. Heavy Copyedit
•  Checks contents page against chapters; check numbering of footnotes or endnotes, tables, and 
          figures (if applicable).
•  Rewrites any wordy or confusing patches.
•  Supplies definitions of terms likely to be new to readers.
•  Verifies and revises any facts that are incorrect. Fixes faulty organization and gaps in logic.
•  Uses online sources to verify any facts that seem incorrect.

"In my position as Senior Editor, I have had the pleasure of supervising April as a member of my team since April 1, 2012. She has performed a number of editing tasks, from content editing to line editing to proofing. She is a genuine asset to the Astraea Press editing team. Ms. Gardner displays dedication to her work that shows in the thoroughness of her edits and her attention to detail, as well as in her ability to meet deadlines, some of which have been fairly tight. Her scope of knowledge has been proven with the quality of her work. She consistently maintains a professional attitude, showing the perfect balance of friendliness. Authors who have had the privilege of working with April speak highly of her skills and her affable nature. I highly recommend April Gardner for any position in the writing and editing industry."
~Katherine M. Tate, Sr. Editor, Astraea Press, LLC

"I was up against a deadline and needed another set of eyes on my manuscript. I am so glad that I hired April! She not only provided the editorial feedback I needed but was able to help me dig a bit deeper into the POV of my characters. She did all this in only a few weeks! Top-notch! I highly recommend!"
~Elizabeth Byler Younts, author of Promise to Return


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