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Complete Catalog of Books


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Native American Christian Historical Romance

Nativ American Christian...
TRF 3d may2022.png
TSW 3d may2022.png
TEC 3d may2022.png
BBM box set kindle 3D june 2022.png
BENM 3d may2022.png
LTWW 3d may2022.png
FPW 3d may2022.png

Beneath the Blackberry Moon Series

This 3-part series must be read in order.

Setting: 1813 frontier, present-day Alabama

Historical event: Creek Indian War

Drawn by the Frost Moon Series

Each book in the series can be read alone.

Setting: 1817 Spanish Florida

Historical event: Seminole War

Bible Commentary ...

Bible Commentary / Biblical Fiction

Experience Obadiah's prophecy in A Fire and a Flame, a 3-book series for Christian women: a captivating novella, an engaging conversational commentary, and an interactive workbook, designed to deepen understanding through various reading and study preferences.

Standalone Christian Historical Romance

Standalone Christian...
BTF 3d may2022.png

Setting: 1917 Nova Scotia

Historical event: WWI, Halifax Explosion

Co-authored: April W Gardner and Michelle Massaro

Setting: present-day and 1913 Corona, California

Genre: dual-timeline, Women's Fiction/Historical Romance

Children's Christian Historical Fiction

Childrens Christian Fiction
Lizzie 3d may2022.png
Lizzie and the Guernsey Gang 3D audio cover English.png

Ages: 7-12

Setting: 1940 Guernsey Island, Great Britain

Includes: homeschool educational appendix

Available in Spanish

Writing Craft Book

Writing Craft
BBTBO 3d may2022.png

Fiction Writer's Resource

2,500+ templates for constructing endless unique body motions that convey emotion.

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