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Strike of the Water Moccasin

Genre: Christian Native American Historical

All he wants is to save the woman he loves.

The enemy has other plans.


Water Moccasin, pained with battle wounds, limps toward home only to discover the Bluecoats have swarmed his village. He’s the sole warrior to have escaped their net, but one other has eluded the enemy—Birdie, a former slave, his only love, and the woman who has repeatedly rejected his advances. When the worst comes to pass and they are caught, he is given an ultimatum—labor at the Bluecoats’ behest or see Birdie returned to slavery.


The strikes land hard, but for Birdie, Water Moccasin would dance at the end of the Bluecoats’ strings until his feet are bloody and torn. When he learns her reason for spurning him, he realizes working for the enemy is by far the least devastating circumstance. No matter the obstacle, he will fight to his death for her, even as she places herself wholly outside his reach.


Will Water Moccasin and Birdie ever find freedom? Will the unwelcome assignment ruin his chance to prove that his love is unconditional?

Strike of the Water Moccasin is a historical romance set in the Drawn by the Frost Moon world. If you like Native American themes, characters awakening to the Christian faith, and tales of impossible love, then you’ll delight in Water Moccasin’s quest for happily ever after.

*contains spoilers for previous books in the series

Reading Order:
Bitter Eyes No More
Love the War Woman
Finding Pretty Wolf
Strike of the Water Moccasin


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Ebook - Paperback

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