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The Untold Stories

Extra content for Beneath the Blackberry Moon fans.

This is not a novel. It is material related to April's Native American romance series, Beneath the Blackberry Moon.


Thirsty for more Creek country? You’ll find just the thing in The Untold Stories. 

The twenty-six scenes in this novella-length (30K words) compilation are those that met the ax over the twelve-year evolution of Beneath the Blackberry Moon. In them, you’ll reunite with familiar characters—Nokose, Zachariah, Hester, Adela. You’ll meet brand new ones—Dixon Bailey, Red Eagle, Andrew Jackson.

With The Untold Stories, your curiosity will be put to rest:

What exactly did Zachariah do while his women were lost to him? How did Hester escape the doomed fort?

What happened when Totka went to Coweta to meet the White Warrior?


By the end, you’ll have a better grasp of what transpired in Creek country during the war while Totka and his beloved Copper Woman were falling in love. Journey back, dear reader, to 1813 Creek country in The Untold Stories .

The book contains the following scenes:

  • Nokose Attends the Council

  • Adela Waits for Phillip

  • Zachariah Realizes It’s Time

  • Zachariah Visits Tuckabatchee

  • Zachariah Returns Home

  • Nokose Has a Nightmare

  • Zachariah Fights at Burnt Corn

  • Zachariah Arrives at Fort Mims

  • Zachariah Confronts Beasley

  • Nokose and Red Eagle Question a Slave

  • Dixon Bailey Tries to Go for Help

  • Hester Flees to the Bastion

  • Red Eagle Attempts to Stop the Madness

  • Zachariah Reaches the Fort

  • Zachariah Carries the News

  • Zachariah Meets General Jackson

  • Nokose Attends the Choctaw Council

  • Zachariah Hunts a Fight

  • Zachariah Draws Blood

  • Zachariah Fight at Holy Ground

  • Red Eagle Leaps the Bluff

  • Zachariah’s Had Enough

  • Nokose at Horse’s Flat Foot

  • Jackson Prepares the Assault

  • Nokose’s Takes the Journey

  • Red Eagle Surrenders to Old Sharp Knife

  • Zachariah Called to the Dock

  • Totka Arrives in Coweta

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