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We Are Come to Die

Genre: Native American Historical Novella

One boy. One battle. One unforeseen vow.

On the cusp of manhood, True Seeker arrives on the battlefield resigned to a life cut short. But as the fighting reaches him, he’s thrown into a vow of protection he didn’t see coming. While he’s determined to stand by his word, the woman he must protect is determined to make him work for it. When she comes face to face with the enemy and he’s confronted with the opportunity to make a difference, will he choose death…or courage?

Chronological Reading Order
We Are Come to Die

The Ebony Cloak
Finding Pretty Wolf

We Are Come to Die is a novella that bridges my two series, Beneath the Blackberry Moon and Drawn by the Frost Moon. It portrays the final, decisive battle of the Creek War, Horseshoe Bend, and gives background on how True Seeker of The Ebony Cloak (aka Strong Bear of Finding Pretty Wolf) took on a vow to protect Polly Francis (aka Pretty Wolf). This is their full origin story.

Chronological order places it before The Ebony Cloak, but any order is fine so long as it’s read before Finding Pretty Wolf since it overlaps with the first scenes of that book, which is why it's part of the Drawn by the Frost Moon series.

It contains no spoilers.


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