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Coming December 15, 2024

In the shadows of besieged Jerusalem, a noblewoman negotiates a perilous path with the commander of Babylon’s armies, all to safeguard the fate of innocents caught in the crossfire of war.

Jerusalem, 587 BC
In besieged Jerusalem, a Judean noblewoman is thrust into the perilous role of courier. Sent to Babylon's commanding general, she soon discovers she is more than a  messenger—she's a pawn to a wicked king and a servant to a mighty God. Most surprising yet is the curious mind of Babylon’s bloodiest general—could Judah’s Yahweh truly be the God Most High?

Faced with the impossible, Liora must be bold, speak Truth, and do so without knowing whether the Butcher of Babylon will release her in the end…or keep her as his own.

In this tale of war, deception, and betrayal, one woman emerges as a beacon, a light undimmed in the shadows of Jerusalem’s ruins.

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