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Audio (2024)

Experience Obadiah's prophecy in A Fire and a Flame, a 3-book series for Christian women: a captivating novella, an engaging conversational commentary, and an interactive workbook, designed to deepen understanding through various reading and study preferences.


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About the Books
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A Hope Fulfilled

a novella of biblical Edom and Obadiah’s prophecy

Genre: Biblical Fiction

One Hebrew slave’s courage and faith opens the gate on Edom’s demise.

Tikvah, a Hebrew slave in Edom, lives in hope of once again seeing Jerusalem, the Holy City. When a Babylonian general and his dashing Jewish liaison arrive at her master's house, whispering plans of Edom’s destruction, she senses Yahweh at work. After all, there’s a prophecy foretelling His justice upon the kingdom. Tikvah clings to that promise while obediently following the call of service into the heart of danger. If only there were a promise she would come out the other side alive.

Knowing Obadiah

a Christian Women’s

Bible Commentary

Genre: Bible Commentary

Experience the excitement of Biblical prophecy with this down-to-earth and captivating exploration of Obadiah.

Walk with author April W Gardner as she steps into the past and brings to life the often-overlooked prophecy of Obadiah. With her typical attention to historical detail, April journeys through Scripture in a down-to-earth and engaging manner. From Jacob and Esau to the terrifying Babylonian siege of Jerusalem and the blazing destruction of Edom, she learns alongside her readers how these 21 verses affirm God’s sovereignty while pointing to a steadfast hope in Zion.

But in Mount Zion

a companion study for

Knowing Obadiah

Genre: Bible Study

Apply the lessons of Obadiah to your life with this interactive workbook.

​This workbook offers an interactive and reflective experience for readers to engage with the commentary and dive deeper into the book of Obadiah.

Through thought-provoking questions, exercises, and group discussion prompts, the workbook provides readers and teachers the tools to apply the lessons from Obadiah to their own lives. It also includes suggestions for further study, making it an excellent resource for Bible study groups or individual study.

 Whether you're a seasoned Bible scholar or a new believer, this set will help you deepen your understanding of Obadiah and its message.

More about the Series

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey through the book of Obadiah with April W Gardner’s A Fire and a Flame, a unique 3-book series designed to resonate with Christian women seeking a deeper connection to Scripture. A Hope Fulfilled paints a vivid portrait of Biblical Edom and Obadiah’s prophecy through compelling novella storytelling. In Knowing Obadiah, experience the thrill of prophecy through a conversational commentary, unraveling nuances and insights in an engaging manner. Delve further with But in Mount Zion, an interactive Bible study companion that facilitates personal reflection and small group exploration, perfectly complementing the insights of "Knowing Obadiah." Each book stands alone in its genre—biblical fiction, conversational commentary, and interactive workbook. They can be read separately, yet together, they provide a multifaceted and enriching expedition into the profound teachings of Obadiah.

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