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June 2022
Not so Excited for College.jpg

Summer school!

Brit Lit II--4 textbooks, 4 exams, 4 weeks. It's intense, but it could be worse. It could be...MATH. Shiver.

But Wordsworth, Shelley, and Keats? Yes, please!

May 2022

Summer vacation is off to a roaring start. Between my daughter's graduation and a trip to Nashville to visit family, I've been (wait for it) a busy little bee. Ha! Yes, after years of dreaming, I am officially a beekeeper! In book news, the audio version of my children's WWII novel is available! And, get this, it's AI narrated. So cool.

April 2022

It's my month again! I celebrated my 44th with a trip to Corpus Christi and some delicious seafood fresh from the gulf. In bookish news, in between essays and exams, I finished the DFM Boxed Set and began the audiobook process for Lizzie, my children's WWII chapter book.

March 2022

I'm deep into my college semester but still finding time for little bookish things--such as creating a box set of the Drawn by the Frost Moon series. To be published in May! I also spiffed up my website and am so glad I did. The upgrade has been a long time coming!

DbtFM box set png 4-18-22.png
February 2022

At the land, getting inspired. One day (when building prices aren't insanely unreasonable) my office window will face this ring of oaks. Can't wait! Meantime, I work at the dining room table, dream of the semester ending, and plot Water Moccasin's story.