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January 2024
ALU placeholder for newsletter.jpg

A Light Undimmed, is finished!

The story got its fluffy, pink bow just this morning. And can you believe I wrote the whole thing over winter break? I'm still a little stunned myself. It helps when the story comes so easily that it practically writes itself.​

Liora and Nebuzzaradan the Butcher have become some of my very favorite characters, and I cannot wait to share them with you. Be looking for their story toward the beginning of May.

December 2023

Another semester is in the books!

Fall 2023 marks the end of my junior year! This is me celebrating with a fancy coffee in the humanities building where I take all my English courses. I'm about to head into my last Creative NonFiction Writing workshop to put a lovely bow on the semester.

Do I have writing plans for the winter break? You know it. I'll be working on a novella that I hope to share with you in early 2024.

me and laverne.jpg
November 2023
me and laverne.jpg

Local Book Sale

Here I am with friend and fellow author Laverne Story Stanley at a local book sale last week. We had so much fun hanging out. Laverne has written a darling Christmas book, which would be the perfect gift for any little person in your life. Wish you all could have made it!

October 2023

This month my 3-book series A Fire and a Flame released! It all came together, friend, and I'm still a little stunned. In the very best way, of course. With all the unexpected snafus that cropped up, I wasn't sure I'd get my store and Amazon set up in time. But it's here!

September 2023

It took me a minute, but I finally, finally finished producing the audio format of book 2 in the Drawn by the Frost Moon series. Yippee!

This book is digitally narrated through Google Play and priced at just $8.99. Of course, if you prefer ebook or paperback, that's always available too. 

August 2023

I'm thrilled to announce the entire catalog of my paperbacks is now available in my online store. Yep, you can now get your hands on all my books--ebooks, audiobooks, paperbacks--from one convenient location. Including signed copies!

For all of you out there who want a book signed just to you (or your mom or your best friend or your entire bunco group), I've got you covered.

July 2023

Behold, the shiny new cover of But in Mount Zion, the last book in my A Fire and a Flame series, due for simultaneous release this fall. My mom, Therese Williams, has been a missionary and pastor's wife in Spain for the last thirty-I-can't-count-that-high years (since '88). We've teamed up to write a personal/small-group Bible study to support Knowing Obadiah.

June 2023

It's a little surreal that I'm announcing my 11th novel. It never gets old! This week, I finished A Hope Fulfilled, a biblical fiction novella. It's part of a 3-book series based on the book of Obadiah.

More later on the series (coming this fall!). Today is all about this gorgeous cover.

I ️love this cover so, so much!!

Hope Fulfilled tagline single device ebook meme jpg.jpg
May 2023
Ostia Antiqua.png

Study abroad in Italy! I spent this school summer semester in Urbino, Italy, Europe's oldest university town. But on the left, I'm in Rome at an ancient restaurant Ostia Antiqua, getting inspired to write my upcoming Ancient Rome/Early Christian series!

April 2023

Knowing Obadiah is book two of my upcoming 3-book series A Fire and a Flame, but I'll release all three once toward the end of the year. 

Knowing Obadiah set of 3_3d.png
March 2023
BBM box set kindle 3D june 2022.png

The Beneath the Blackberry Moon Boxed Set is now available in my store as well as the Apple Store and several others. This set includes all three books in the Beneath the Blackberry Moon set plus The Untold Stories, a novella-length compilation of deleted scenes from The Red Feather. The extra scenes are really great for filling in details about side characters and behind-the-scenes events. Perfect for fans of the series.

February 2023

In answer to your request, I’ve put together an exclusive paperback version of my latest book, We Are Come to Die.

Say what?

Yep. Surprise!

It's also the first paperback I'm selling exclusively on my website from my store.

We Are Come to Die 3D paperback.png
January 2023
WACTD ebook 3d.png

My first novella released this month! It's called We Are Come to Die and was the semester project for my Creative Writing course this fall. It takes place during a single battle, The Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Fans of my Blackberry Moon will remember True Seeker and Polly (aka Strong Bear and Pretty Wolf). This is their origin story. 

It's short and intense, and I think you're gonna like it. I got a 💯 on the project, so it must be good, right? 😉

December 2022

Would you look at these happy girls? Both hives are alive and strong and hungry as ever. Bees are greedy little sugar addicts, let me tell you. But they're welcome to all the sugar they want (minus my peanut butter blossoms 🍪).

peeking on bees.png
November 2022

My WW1 historical romance, Beautiful in His Sight, is now available at a large number of online retailers, including Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. 

AND it's in audio.

September 2022

This month, Strike of the Water Moccasin is available at all online stores. So exciting!! Don't want you to miss out!

All links here.

Feeling extra supportive? Buy direct. 😍 For questions about how that works, visit this page

August 2022

Y'all ready for this? *takes a deep breath* This month, I...

🏫 dropped off our baby at college 

😿 came home to an empty nest

📙 released a novel

🚸 started the fall semester

🐶 got a foster puppy. Because I'm suicidal. Out with the old, in with the new, eh? Kidding!

July 2022

Guess what? It's here, it's here!

I said I'd have it to you this summer and--pant, pant--I made it. Three days before the end of summer break, Strike of the Water Moccasin (ebook) is making its debut.

Break out the cake, somebody! 🎂 It's time to celebrate. 

June 2022
Not so Excited for College.jpg

Summer school!

Brit Lit II--4 textbooks, 4 exams, 4 weeks. It's intense, but it could be worse. It could be...MATH. Shiver.

But Wordsworth, Shelley, and Keats? Yes, please!

May 2022

Summer vacation is off to a roaring start. Between my daughter's graduation and a trip to Nashville to visit family, I've been (wait for it) a busy little bee. Ha! Yes, after years of dreaming, I am officially a beekeeper! In book news, the audio version of my children's WWII novel is available! And, get this, it's AI narrated. So cool.

April 2022

It's my month again! I celebrated my 44th with a trip to Corpus Christi and some delicious seafood fresh from the gulf. In bookish news, in between essays and exams, I finished the DFM Boxed Set and began the audiobook process for Lizzie, my children's WWII chapter book.

March 2022

I'm deep into my college semester but still finding time for little bookish things--such as creating a box set of the Drawn by the Frost Moon series. To be published in May! I also spiffed up my website and am so glad I did. The upgrade has been a long time coming!

DbtFM box set png 4-18-22.png
February 2022

At the land, getting inspired. One day (when building prices aren't insanely unreasonable) my office window will face this ring of oaks. Can't wait! Meantime, I work at the dining room table, dream of the semester ending, and plot Water Moccasin's story.  

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