April's Novels
"Started Wounded Spirits yesterday...finished Wounded Spirits yesterday. What a page turner...I couldn't go to bed 'til I knew the outcome!  Ready for the next one which will be out when?" --Diana

"Loved the book! After the fight begins it's edge of the seat the rest of the time!! I loved their romance..not sappy but steamy and sweet. My only disappointment...it ended too soon! Seriously...I loved it." --Jessica

Author & Editor
April W Gardner
History with a Christian perspective... and a little imagination.
April W Gardner was born in the land of geishas and gardens, yet raised on sage-covered foothills made fragrant by a brilliant Spanish sun. She brought her own two beauties into the world beneath the watchful eye of a thousand-year-old German fortress, then birthed her first novel to the sound of bleating lambs and the homey scent of tea and crumpets. These days, she works on her Southern as she sips sweet tea and appreciates the warmth of Georgia’s heart.

Her fingers and toes are used up counting the lands she’s traveled, but even when her feet are at rest her mind explores new places, crafts romantic adventures, and relives history in a fresh, bold way. Some of these wanderings have seeped out her fingers in the form of ink and left indelible marks on hearts the world over.

These marks are mirror images of the lessons April’s journeys have taught her. Knowledge that while the world is wide and cultures vary, some things are constant, some things touch us all.

God and eternity. Love, loneliness, longing. Wounded hearts made whole by a Love too large to contain. Trials and triumphs. Seasons of life and nature. And something many would deem irrelevant—the past.

But woven with the lure of a powerful tale, history becomes a subtle yet undeniable force that grips the heart of all who will lend an ear.

Come settle at April’s hearth and listen. There’s a story on the wind, tapping at the panes, begging to be let in. The fire crackles, and the clock on the mantle is ticking backwards.

Shh, the next tale begins…